My Guarantee
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N. Guy Lake
I strongly believe in my product.  I guarantee that the shaft will not break.  If somehow you
do manage to break it, I will replace it! Just send the handle back to me with $10 to cover
shipping and handling. (U.S. only) I will drill out the old shaft, replace the shaft and refinish
the handle. Email me for the shipping address.  
GLCustom Batons

1987:  I saved up $35 to purchase a baton.... you can guess which brand.  The third day it
broke.  "Are you kidding me?"  The next weekend I found a friend with a lathe and started
making my own.  The first batons were hideous, but each one got progressively better.  At
the Crane School of Music some students even purchased a few.  As I needed a baton or a
student was going on to Music School, I would find a lathe and make batons.  

In 2003, Dr. Mitch Fennell of California State University Fullerton was over for dinner after
an Honor Band.  I noticed his baton case and asked to trace it.  I wanted a baton case and
thought I could find a leather craftsman to make a nice case for my batons.  I started looking
at leather and woodworking tools and decided that I needed to start making batons on a
regular basis.

My wife thought that I was nuts!!! "Who is going to buy batons from you? Are there even
enough band directors in the country to make money at making batons?"

I am proud to say, she doesn't laugh anymore!  

One thing you notice right away..... My batons are not overpriced.  This is because I am the
Director of Instrumental Music at Palm Desert High School.  My baton business is a hobby.  
I provide you a quality product that is 100% made by me.  I hope that you have enjoyed this
short history of GL Custom Batons.  I look forward to seeing you at workshops and
conferences.  Keep conducting!! Guy